Brooklyn With A Baby

I started Jenzie a couple of years ago when my hubs and I decided to move across the Atlantic to Amsterdam. I wanted to document the adventure and share our travels with friends and family. Since then, we’ve moved home to the sunshine state, started a floral design company, and had a baby. Now we are on the move, again. With a baby and flowers.

Brooklyn will be our home for the next phase of our adventures! We were drawn to the ambitious energy of NYC but wanted a more relaxing place to call home on the other side of the bridge. The NYC skyline is just out the window but it feels like we live in a town where we’ll get to know our neighbors and enjoy the quiet(er) streets with the bambino.

Here is what our first two weeks looked like…

Geodes Galore


The only museum we had time to hit in London was the Natural History Museum- and it was fascinating! My favorite section was of course the minerals! Diamonds, marble, precious gemstones, and the most enchanting geodes.

They also had a killer display of mammals (I loved the ‘mammals with pouches’ section!) and a great exhibit on the human body- especially the section on pregnancy and birth.

We’ll have to go back with Ezra when he is a bit older and will actually enjoy the dinosaurs, whales and giraffes.


Hello From London


We made it to London (with a baby)!

We had a long, turbulent, overnight flight but as we drove into the city we realized it was well worth it. London is such a lovely European city. It is every bit as pretty as Paris, as quaint as Amsterdam (in parts), and as classic as New York.  And the people are the friendliest! Did not think I would love it this much!

We have been blessed with pretty nice weather- warmish and relatively sunny! And the bebe seems to like the tea houses, lights, taxis and museums. He just hates getting put in that darn snowsuit.




Keeping warm with Papa.


Having a cappuccino with a view of the Big Ben.






Traveling with a Newborn

After Ezra’s 2 month birthday, we started traveling again and pretty much didn’t stop for the whole month. First was our road trip, which was a wonderful time that we got to spend with just the three of us, and ended all the way in Ohio at our family reunion. Next we flew to NYC for a few days, and then to Los Angelos. Let’s just say, Ezra is well traveled for 3 months old!

Somethings that made our travels easy:

This Lamb Mat was so nice to have in the hotel rooms! As soon as we arrived, I would pull it out of the suitcase and lay it out on the bed for Ezra to lay on or for tummy time. I figured it’s best to keep him away from whatever chemicals could be used in the hotel laundry detergent for the bedding- so we used this mat and some soft blankets for him. (We brought his own little towels for the same reason).  We do co-sleeping, so we didn’t have to lug around a bassinet or anything. And the king size beds were such a nice change!

I didn’t used to be a germaphobe, but I’m a momma now! Especially for airports, this Organic Hand Sanitizer spray was great to pull out and spray on my, Papa’s, and the baby’s hands. I brought some sanitizing wipes from Whole Foods too. Also in the same bundle from CheeksNBums- organic stain remover and diaper balm. And I couldn’t forget my waterproof portable changing pad for changing diapers- which I bring everywhere.

As far as feeding goes, I decided to just leave the pump at home and dive into breastfeeding in public. If you want to get over your fear of that, do some traveling!

Of course we brought lots of onsies and an adorable sun hat. And for the flight or car ride- a good teether and a couple toys.

And last but not least, the ERGOBABY carrier! I just wore him through the airports and onto the plane, and didn’t have to lug around a huge stroller. And he loves it; he is so comfy that he usually goes right to sleep.

So there you have it- my newborn travel essentials. Our next travels are to the snowy alps this winter!

Flower Heaven at the Hawk & Ivy

During our road trip we stayed at the Hawk & Ivy outside of Asheville. Let me tell you, this was the highlight of our trip. This bed & breakfast was complete with delicious organic breakfast served among like minded and friendly guests by the warmest, most fascinating hosts, Eve and James.  They were as welcoming as they could be, especially to our little Ezra.

Every morning Eve cooked a delicious breakfast, fresh from organic ingredients, many of which were sourced just outside in the garden or on a nearby farm. We spent much of our time there strolling the grounds of the beautiful property with Ezra. The garden was full of stunning flowers- beautiful dahlias, echinacea, lilies and hydrangea! Beyond the garden was a wildflower field, full of wild queen anne’s lace and yarrow. We also went to the nearby Weaverville and of course, Asheville. This was such a nice place to enjoy some quite time alone with our newborn.

Fresh mountain air, healthy food, beautiful flowers and wonderful people. What more could you ask for on your first vacation as a new family?

Thank you, Eve and James!

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