Brooklyn With A Baby

I started Jenzie a couple of years ago when my hubs and I decided to move across the Atlantic to Amsterdam. I wanted to document the adventure and share our travels with friends and family. Since then, we’ve moved home to the sunshine state, started a floral design company, and had a baby. Now we are on the move, again. With a baby and flowers.

Brooklyn will be our home for the next phase of our adventures! We were drawn to the ambitious energy of NYC but wanted a more relaxing place to call home on the other side of the bridge. The NYC skyline is just out the window but it feels like we live in a town where we’ll get to know our neighbors and enjoy the quiet(er) streets with the bambino.

Here is what our first two weeks looked like…

Geodes Galore


The only museum we had time to hit in London was the Natural History Museum- and it was fascinating! My favorite section was of course the minerals! Diamonds, marble, precious gemstones, and the most enchanting geodes.

They also had a killer display of mammals (I loved the ‘mammals with pouches’ section!) and a great exhibit on the human body- especially the section on pregnancy and birth.

We’ll have to go back with Ezra when he is a bit older and will actually enjoy the dinosaurs, whales and giraffes.


Hello From London


We made it to London (with a baby)!

We had a long, turbulent, overnight flight but as we drove into the city we realized it was well worth it. London is such a lovely European city. It is every bit as pretty as Paris, as quaint as Amsterdam (in parts), and as classic as New York.  And the people are the friendliest! Did not think I would love it this much!

We have been blessed with pretty nice weather- warmish and relatively sunny! And the bebe seems to like the tea houses, lights, taxis and museums. He just hates getting put in that darn snowsuit.




Keeping warm with Papa.


Having a cappuccino with a view of the Big Ben.






Graceful Love

graceful love

{This was what my life looked like the first few weeks after Ez was born. The most blissful, sweetest time. Cuddles for days.}

In becoming a mother, I have grown
to love gracefully.
Even at the most frustrating of times, I am so in love with this baby, so proud.
When he smiles, I am in love with his joyfulness.
When he nurses, I am in love with how precious he is.
When he cries in frustration, I am in love with his strength and will.
When he falls asleep, I am in love with his peace.
And when he looks into my eyes with curiosity, I am in love with his reverence and childlikeness.

Babies show us how to love like that, which is why they really are tiny little miracles.

Head Over Heels


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It’s official.
I’ve fallen head over heels in love for the second time! This time, it’s with a little baldie with eyes just like his pop and a smile that will melt your heart.

We had these photos taken by Josh and Rachel at Best Photography when Ez turned 3 months old in our favorite spot- Kraft Azalea Gardens.
Josh and Rachel, y’all are amazing at capturing the beautiful moments in life!
These photos were recently featured on 100 Layer Cakelet.

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