Filling the House with Vintage Pieces

Top Right: vintage doorknobs used as hooks {bought during our honeymoon in Canada}, Bottom Right: Reclaimed Indian chair {Washburn Imports} and Record player {gift}, Bottom Left: Vintage Chair {Orlando Antique Store}

I love, love, LOVE vintage for three reasons. One: a good find can be super cheap (that pink chair up above was only 10 bucks!) Two: It has character, a history, it’s something completely unique. Three: no precious resources had to be put into a new piece of furniture for you. Another thing about vintage- it’s usually pretty good quality (if it’s lasted this long) because things back then seemed to have been made better, no? I really like mixing rustic indian antique furniture with more elegant lighting and accents, especially anything and everything French!

A ceramic bird (I’ll admit- from Michaels) on an antique book next to our distressed antique mirror

We use this indian chair made from reclaimed wood as a table for our record player. It goes with our office table and some other rustic indian furniture (which you’ll see in another post).

Every time we have company over, the record player is spinning, which makes for a unique ambiance these days.

A Carpe Diem clock from Rome- basically the only souvenir we bought in Europe (besides the chandelier from Florence) next to some quartz crystals and a buddha I painted white.

A quirky antique wrought iron candelabra and a frame made from some leftover pieces of wood from houses in New Orleans after the hurricane. And the vase… Michaels.

And my favorite- the wrought iron chandelier with roses. I bought that baby in Amsterdam, but it’s originally from Florence, and it was made in the 60′s. And yes, finding lightbulbs for it in The States was a pain in the arse. But then, I found Lightbulbs Unlimited.

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  • Lily - Your new place is looking great! The chair+record player stand is my favorite :)ReplyCancel

  • Zoe - I have a ceramic elephant from Michael’s, one of my favorite little additions ;) That record player is amazing!ReplyCancel

    • Jenzie - Michaels has really good finds sometimes!ReplyCancel

  • Christine - Wow your house looks so great! You are a pro at finding unique, timeless pieces and putting them all together beautifully! Maybe you should consider vintage interior design as a career or hobby ;)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Wow! I’m impressed that you’ve done so much in the short time you’ve been back in the States! Your home looks lovely. ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Jenzie - Thanks! We had some of the things before we left for Europe- it was just hiding out in storage. And we’re going about it one room at a time… the office is next!ReplyCancel

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