All Dogs Go To Heaven

This past week we took a short trip to Miami, where Rockee was able to play with other pups over a couple of acres. The three of them- Nebula, Red, and Rockee- were together day and night, running around and being mischievous. Barks and howls were heard nonstop. Licks were abundant. And at the end of the trip, the sleepy pups were sad to part ways. It’s sweet to see how dogs are instinctual pack animals, loyal companions by nature.

Dogs serve a purpose to all of us by teaching us how to have genuine friendship, to love unconditionally, and to have the patience to find joy in everything.

For dog lovers out there, check out this sweet article about Pets in Paradise (page 23) that moved me to tears.

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  • Laura - Dogs! I want a big dog…I had a husky my entire life and she dies a couple of years ago because she was 16 and that is incredibly old for a dog her size. Now I miss that companionship.ReplyCancel

    • Jenzie - aww I love huskies! she lived a pretty long life for a pup, must have been given lots of love:)ReplyCancel

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